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Raahil Kulshreshtha is a Visual Effects Specialist with over seven years of work experience in the field. Additionally, his ability to compose music of various genres has garnered accolades from the industry, both animation and music and his audio-visual compositions have found their way to the mainstream with clients like Vodafone, Lakme Fashion Week, Vespa, Garnier, TATA, Loreal, TCE, Kotak and many more featuring his work.

His interest in taking on new challenges pointed him towards the spectrum of Motion Graphics. Finding success in this field has allowed him to pursue it alongside his Animation career. He now specializes in creating a finely tuned blend between all the mediums available, be it animation, motion graphics, musical compositions, live action, or even gaming!

His entry into the gaming industry has proven to be both a dynamic as well as a successful fusion of his versatile skill set and his keen desire to reinvent the current gaming experience. The support of the best technicians and best creatives in areas such as visualization, CG, coding and testing, along with Raahil’s own expertise has allowed this highly efficient team to accomplish what most experienced ventures today, still aspire to.

His first project was a DVD movie called ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at UTV Animations. There was no looking back after that and soon his rigging and technical artistry went on to be featured in movies like Arjun: The Warrior Prince, Aladin, Veer and Shaapit as well as popular animated shows like 3-2-1 Penguins and Freej. With experience backing his dreams ahead, he went on to spearhead the formation of Aquarelle Studios with Lakshmipathi Dantuluri Raju. This led to his acquiring the ability to not only manage but also oversee the production process and pipelining of both small scale as well as large scale projects. Soon, things began to gain momentum and he managed to not only progress with skillset, quality and speed, but also with acquiring a vast team of motivated artists that are always looking for something unique to work on.

Over the years, Raahil has developed skills that not only enable him to accomplish most tasks below single handedly, but also, guide a team of aspiring artists to creating inspired visuals and state-of-the-art work.
With over 9 years of experience in the industry, Raahil can complete most small to medium sized projects single handledly. This not only keeps him satisfied, but also sparks confidence in clients that their project is in good hands and will be kept confidential.

Please click here to see some of Raahil’s work or here to watch his showreel.